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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Edinburgh, part II…

We're here! It only involved getting on the wrong train once (and that was only sort of our fault - both of us swear that the "departures" screen at York's station listed track 11 for our train, we got on the train at track 11, then once it left found it wasn't headed where we wanted to go at all). York was neat. It looks just like an old English city should - at least to these North Carolina eyes. :) We stopped at Jarvik, the Viking City exhibit in the midst of York. We rather expected it to be a walking tour of a recreated city, but instead it was a - well - a ride... You got on a hanging car, seating 3 in front and 3 in back (though she was, generally, only loading 2 in each seat) and then rode through the viking city, replete with sights, sounds and smells of yore! Afterwards it was possible to go through the exhibit area, but we were late for catching the wrong train, so we rather hurried that bit. Looked like the exhibits were very nice, well done things - if we'd known we were going to spend two hours at a train station later because we'd caught the wrong train, we'dve lingered. We arrived in Edinburgh too late to do much of anything. We caught a cab to the hotel, ate dinner at a very yummy Italian restaurant next door, then headed back to our superbly designed room for bed. Its a brilliant room - and I may expand on that later - but now I'd like to get breakfast and begin walking to the train station (to reserve a seat on our train to Chester tomorrow) and then on to the Royal Mile. Ooooo. ~*~ Well, we've had a full day already - just popped back to the hotel for a nap/check the 'net break. We started by booking seats on our next train ride to Chester (changing trains at Crewe, I think) - the first train we took, nearly all the seats had marks saying they were reserved already so we ended up for 2 hours in the smoking car - a nightmare when you're not a smoker, I think. We also reserved a room for our last two nights in London next week, as well as buying tickets for The Edinburgh Tour - another of the hop-on-hop-off bus tours we've ridden in London and York. Our first stop on the tour was Edinburgh Castle. The display leading up to "The Honors of Scotland" was quite impressive! Indeed, better presented, more educational, more moving and interesting in our view than the Crown Jewels and attendant display at the Tower of London. Plus, does the crown really look like a crown is supposed to, what with red velvet and ermine and gold and so forth? We moved from there to the Weaving Mill, Exhibition and Geoffrey (Tailor) Store where we ordered 9 yards of ~30" wide wool in the pattern of the Ancient Oliver Hunting Tartan for making Dad a kilt. It'll be shipped, after being specially woven for him, sometime 'round about September. We picked up the necessary belts and buckles and kilt pin as well. Then it was off to the National Gallery of Scotland for a quick overview of many, many old masters - very neat! Now a rest - so it's dad's turn on the computer. :)

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