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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Day 65: Interviewing, and miscellaney

Today I had my second interview with a non-profit I’d very much like to work with. I think the biggest barrier to my receiving an offer is my over-qualification. The personnel committee asked at least twice questions that basically wondered why I’d take the position and stay. I offered up what reassurance I could (I’m […]

Day 64: Job opportunities

I got two calls today about jobs: Arlette phoned to let me know about a position on CareerBuilder.com that it appears I somehow missed right here in Hendersonville. Two positions open in a local financial firm. I sent in my resume immediately, of course. The non-profit I’ve been so excited about called […]

Your moment of zen…

Ha ha ha! I can’t stop singing this song! And this morning I saw in my RSS feed that another Jenny blogged about it too! For good measure, Marc found me another Mickey D’s commercial as well: I hope there isn’t a subtle message for me in that one… Hrm! And one last one: […]

Day 63: Of exercise, eats and examinations

Exercise: Today Moira and I hit the gym for our usual daily round of cardio and weights. The gym we go to – the YMCA – has some issues with equipment that seem to be related to a cash flow problem. When we started there were two treadmills out of order. Now there are five […]

Day 62: Gomorra

Today Marc and I went on a (cheap) date. We saw Gomorra at the Fine Arts Theatre (using free passes). It suffered from a lack of tight editing, but was otherwise fascinating. The film is a series of short stories, interwoven but never intersecting. Not overly violent, which was surprisng. Sadly, part way through […]

Day 61: Lunch, and BIG news!

Today I enjoyed lunch with friends at 12 Bones in Asheville. While at lunch, I got to share our super exciting Florida news: we’re going to be GRANDPARENTS! This news really overshadowed the rest of the day. Other things of note: applied for one position was tortured by a personal trainer at the Y made […]

Day 60: In which there is a dearth of accounting positions

Every day I check a multiplicity of job search websites. From what I can tell, this is how most people look for jobs these days. Here are a few of the places I look each day: Monster.com NC Department of Revenue USA Jobs – positions with the federal government Craigslist – mostly these jobs are […]

Day 59: A slow day

I’ve begun to take on more tasks at home. Where previously my “job” for our family was supporting us through work, now I’ll be making dinner and helping out more. Tonight, for game night, I made chicken and potatoes, with seasoning. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Today was also a “day off” from the gym. […]

Day 58: Happy Anniversary, Marc!

Nineteen year’s of wedded mostly-bliss. We’ll celebrate today with dinner at home (I’ve got something planned) and a day of lazing around and enjoying each other’s company. So really, it’s just like any other day lately except that we’ll say, “Happy anniversary, dear” more often than […]

Day 57: Gardening

I finally put the starts that Ren and Bleu left us in the garden this morning. (I have a great theoretical fondness for the “Kill Your Lawn” idea – but only if I can also have a vegetable garden.) Our 4′ x 8′ raised bed (similar to what this website sells – but much, […]