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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Day 59: A slow day

I've begun to take on more tasks at home.  Where previously my "job" for our family was supporting us through work, now I'll be making dinner and helping out more. Tonight, for game night, I made chicken and potatoes, with seasoning.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Today was also a "day off" from the gym.  Oh, yay.  My aching everything needed the break. My sleep schedule is off now - I don't go to bed until much later than is good for me, and I'm up before dawn.  Tomorrow I'll stop buying caffeinated sodas for the house and see if I can't get some more rest if I minimize that stimulant. Playing Munchkin with Arlette was great fun once again.  I'm looking forward to next week. Oh, and we got some exciting news from Florida - which I don't feel I can share here right yet.  But boy, it's big!

2 comments to Day 59: A slow day

  • Allison

    Hey, Jenny! Glad game night was fun again – I hope in a few weeks I (or maybe WE) can come play, too! Congrats on your good news! I can’t wait to hear about it (when you’re ready). Rufus said something about lunch tomorrow – hope you can make it!

  • Lunch was great. :) I love 12 Bones!