About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Five things that would brighten my office…

Tomorrow with luck I’ll move my computer into my workspace, add a bookcase, and be ready to claim my office space as my own! Here are five things that belong in my new space: 1) The world’s coolest cell phone holder. There isn’t a convenient charging location in my office where I can plug in […]

Moira has had the MOST exciting new!

MAC Cosmetics called – and she has an interview for a temporary position there over the summer! * Yowsers! She’s busily looking through her portfolio so we can get 8 – 10 shots printed this weekend. In addition to jumping for joy, she’s also practicing interview questions, lining up a model in case she gets […]

Hot, hot, hot!

Marc’s fever began last night around 8, I’d guess. He’s burning up (I think, amusingly enough, we were watching MSNBC’s news programs (highlighting, among other things, the swine flu outbreaks), and was tossing, turning, and burning, all night. This happened twice before. In each case, no one else in the house came down with […]

Whew – what a week!

The week is over, and I’ve had time to finally sit and process everything. Things of note: Blogging. I have a lot less time to do things – like update my blog. It turns out that being employed full-time is a giant time eater. Who knew? My plans for this upcoming week are to work […]


A new job means new routines: Arlette picks me up around 8.15 each morning for our ride into work. The work morning is filled mostly with becoming acclimated to the new office with its new routines and new clients and new people. Being the week after 4/15 means that there’s not as much work – […]


… at the Salon Corral! Moira had a shoot on Sunday … and one of the photos taken was of her and the hair dresser. I think they look like they’re about to square off for a dual, or a shoot-out. The photos of the shoot itself should be available later – you can […]

Our financial house of cards…

As I begin my new job, with a substantial pay cut, I find it’s time to examine our financial house of cards. One of the tools I’m using to do this is maintaining a solid picture of our family’s financial net worth. Using the provided financial net worth spreadsheet, I’ve pinpointed* our financial net worth. […]

My first day at new-work!

Image courtesy of OMG That Rocks!


Today Moira and I hit the gym, again. We did a solid 40 minutes on the treadmill, which seemed very tiring. It had been a couple days. This was followed up by doing our usual set of weights – today was upper body. I’m not entirely clear on why, but I managed to become shaky […]

New beginnings…

Monday I begin my new job with a local financial firm. I find that I’m terribly nervous – new beginnings bring that out in people I think. This weekend I hope to: Knit. I have a cardigan I’d like to finish in the next week or two; this weekend I’ll make progress on it. Organize. […]