Weekend update:

Moira had another photo shoot this weekend, this time in collaboration with one of her favorite hair stylists, Kris, as well as working with two models she’s worked with quite often before.  Kris also put her in touch with a wedding consultant who is looking for a make-up artist to recommend to her clients.  Things, […]

Weird Product: Buttery Cinnamon Popcorn

I think the only reason we didn’t pick up this super yummy sounding Act II Buttery Cinnamon popcorn is that I usually go for the low fat microwave corn.  This may have been a mistake because even just writing about it now I think I’m salivating. We did actually pick up (but not photograph) Orville […]

Weird product: Chipotle Seasoning Cubes

These Chipotle Seasoning Cubes were found at our local Go Grocery Outlet.  I’ve never seen them before, and I’m not quite sure what you use them for, but I immediately wondered how they’d improve taco meat…

Weird Product: Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms

Limited edition Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms.  We found a jumbo bag of them at our local Big Lots – but I’m not nearly adventurous enough to be willing to buy a large bag of possibly icky M&Ms with my limited candy budget.  The review at Candy Blog leads me to believe I didn’t make a […]

Make-up: Flowerly eyes

I can’t quite remember what inspired this eye make-up for Moira – probably a YouTube contest of some sort – but I like it.  She continues to pump out the YouTube tutorials at a solid pace.  I continue to watch just because seeing how she’s getting better at them is exciting – even if I’ll […]

Best birthday party ever!

We held our regular game night last night, but with a birthday twist.  Marc made an extra special taco bar (with all the toppings I can ever imagine wanting, including fresh bacon!), followed by an uber-Sundae bar.  Oh, yum! As always, we gamed.  Last night, having only just discovered how much we love Cranium last […]

An office birthday celebration!

Not one, but two birthday cakes arrived at the office today!  Our office has three May birthdays: Jessi on the 15th, mine on the 21st and Arlette on the 31st! Today Stephanie, the bookkeeper, and Jessi both brought cakes to celebrate! The top cake was an applesauce cake (practically like breakfast food, I’m sure you […]

Why I need an iPhone…

…Internal Revenue Code iPhone app! Of course, the high price tag on the actual iPhone, combined with a monthly bill for using the interwebz, is why I won’t actually be getting an iPhone.

Bovine Abduction

I want to be first in line if this lamp ever goes into production.  Oh, how cool this would look on my night stand.  Or my office desk. Tonight will mark a return to the gym.  I’ve been working on where/how to insert the gym propertly into my new schedule.  My thought as of now […]

A weekly update…

…first things first:  I promise to blog more often.  This last week was an anomoly.  Somehow I let all seven days slip by without even the thought of an update.  I enjoy coming here every day or two and sharing what’s new, what I’ve seen and enjoyed in the last week, and suchlike. So let’s […]