Cooking class

Marc and I attended a free cooking class at the Claddagh Inn on Main Street in Hendersonville.  We’d never been to the inn before – it’s lovely.  The cooking class was fun, and informative.  AND I LOVED THE BROCCOLI SOUP – even though broccoli is icky.  Wow, right? The class was taught by Chef Gina […]

Self portraits

When I take a photo of Dorothy with my iPhone she has begun to look in the reflective apple on the back, trying to get a good view of herself.  One night while getting yogurt we all did the same.  This is the result. :)


Who knew dinner at an Irish pub would be so grumpy-making.


Dorothy usually resists wearing hair ornaments, but took this one out if my hair and wore it happily all through dinner.


Travel in downtown Hendersonville is a bit less friendly right now.


Marc is teaching Little D to take out the trash. :)

Beauty & the Beast

We enjoyed Beauty & the Beast on the big screen with Gabriel and his moms. It was great fun, even if I did spill way more popcorn than the kids did!