About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.


We took Dorothy by to get her photo taken for free with the Easter Bunny at Walmart in Asheville. She looks a little unsure, but the picture is still darn cute. :)

Well, there’s always next year…

Months ago we went to Atlanta, and the trip was the pits, and the hotel compensated us for the problems with two free nights in Atlanta to be used by the end of this year. I thought, “Hey, that trip was SO AWFUL we should go back to celebrate our 22nd anniversary!” Marc, desperate […]

Dear Marc

Dear Marc, Twenty-two years ago today, you didn’t take Tom up on his offer of a ride anywhere at all you wanted to go. Instead you decided to get married to the crazy lady in the black and silver brocade dress (homemade, of course). We drove off that day in the first of a […]


The Blockbuster in Hendersonville is closing in mid-April, so there are bargains to be had. For instance, the display cards used to advertise each DVD, seen here as a border in our movie room. Lovely!

Irony is so ironic sometimes.

Oh, irony, how I love you. This morning we found several fraudulent charges on our Visa card from a credit card monitoring service. Thankfully Experian’s customer service quickly recognized the charges as fraudulent, and so our cash should be safely back in our account early next week. Another quick call to our bank and […]

China cabinet

Here’s the cabinet I was telling you about, mom!


While Marc dazed (not a typo) after his oral surgery, Dorothy and I spent some time playing outside.



Story of my life