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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.


You know it’s been a rough year when finding out you need a new radiator is classified as a “win”.  The Sebring heads in for work today once our mechanic locates a new radiator for it; Marc will come on into Asheville with me this morning so we can borrow the plant’s van, or rent a car for the day, in order that Els not miss work during her first month due to car troubles.  :)

Aside from that, our weekend was relatively calm and filled with fun times.

BRRG pancake breakfast

We began our morning early on Saturday so we could head to the Blue Ridge Roller Girls fundraising pancake breakfast at Fatz Cafe in Asheville.  The girls were serving, cooking and taking orders.  The pancakes weren’t the heavy, leaden balls that the ones I used to make at home were – instead nice a fluffy; Marc said they must have added extra egg.  Its comments like that which remind me that I’m just too impatient and inexact to be a good cook.  Thank goodness Els and Marc are good at it!

We went next to see birthday girl Allison at the Mad Divas fundraiser yard sale on Tunnel Road.  We bought tiki torches, two folding chairs for friends, several handbags (Moira, do you want a fake designer bag? it’s cute!), a dress, and a baker’s dozen DVDs for $1 each).

Alan & Mark

We had a couple more stops to make on our way home, before heading out again to meet up with our newest friends, Alan & Mark, in downtown Hendersonville.  They were in town to confirm that they weren’t interested in buying here (Asheville is definitely much cooler than Hendersonville!) – and called to see if we wanted to meet them in town.  Els had to leave for work, but we did get to show off Dorothy.

On Sunday, Marc and I took the opportunity for another date, while Els stayed home and waited for a delivery of bricks and edgings for the yard (yay!) and for the mechanic to come and diagnose the convertible (boo!).

Epilogue, As You Like It

We headed into downtown Asheville to wander, and while eating lunch (oh, how I love Zoe’s Kitchen! this will probably be our go-to dining option for Shakespeare in the Park this summer!) noticed on Facebook that the final showing of As You Like It was going for $5 a ticket!  How could we resist?

While downtown we also tried:

  • Chocolate Gems:  caramels, a truffle, and a gelato shake (the shake was a mistake, the gelato was better in solid than in liquid form)
  • Strada: this new place has a great atmosphere (we just stopped in for quick dessert) and we can’t way to try them for brunch next weekend!
  • Gourmet Chip Company: My love of chips has a new home; I loved the buffalo chips!  Woah, nelly! (be warned:  the website starts playing music and no controls to stop/pause/mute appeared on my screen – I hate that!)

On balance, a great weekend!  And really, a $300 radiator problem is minor compared to a $7000 teeth problem or a $1500 heater problem or a $3000 septic system problem.  Winning!


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  • You guys look like you had a blast, Asheville seems to have gotten lots of fun new places since I was there last =) The faux designer sounds pretty rad, so I’d definitely be interested! Can’t wait to see you at the end of this month! =)