About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

My baby girl!

http://www.ocala.com/article/20130620/GO/130619700/-1/go?tc=cr Click through for the story of the movie that Moira did the makeup for this past year! We’re so happy for her! Marc attends that premiere this weekend in Florida. (I expect comments on this post talking about how awesome this is. Yes, I mean […]

Before & after

I got my hair cut on Saturday. This morning I washed and styled it all by myself. Nice, huh?

Mister White

Moira spent a good portion of last year working on the make-up for an upcoming independent film. Marc even went down to visit her on the set (though photos were not allowed because the monster in this horror film had not yet been revealed). Mister White is coming out of post-production and is ready […]

Manicures make me smile…

I continue to be completely in love with the nail kit I received for Christmas. I added some glitter to my collection of things-that-I-can-top-my-nails-with this month. Pictured above is my first attempt at using glitter. I love the look but am less thrilled by the “texture”. Colors I need to add to my collection: Grey […]

Wild Wok in the Asheville Mall – review

Wild Wok is a new asian bistro in the Asheville Mall. We were at the mall to take advantage of a sale that hadn’t started yet (darn my poor reading skills!) and since Wild Wok was there and priced right we stopped in for lunch. [gallery columns="2" ids="4377,4378,4379,4376"] The food was good but not awesome. […]

Jewels, not tools

[gallery columns="3" link="file" ids="4341,4342,4343"] My mother gave me this awesome new nail kit for doing my own manicures at home. I finally took a chance and did my nails this morning. It took about 45 minutes (about the same as getting them done by my favorite nail tech), was easy to manage on my own, […]

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