About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.


The Grinch came to Hendersonville for Christmas!   I let her wear my Santa Claus necklace for the occasion. She was super pleased to be allowed to wear it. We arrived a bit early and found out that it required cash, something I don’t carry always. Happily I had almost $11 in change in the […]

Sunday: Big Crafty, Governor’s Western Residence, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, more!

We headed off Sunday morning to take a photograph for our Christmas card. (Yes, we’re sending Christmas cards again at long last this year.) This meant a morning with the tripod at Biltmore Park in front of their Christmas display (which looks like it’s where Santa is usually set up to take requests for […]


I’m getting ready for this amazing road trip I’m embarking on with my baby sister come the end of October. One step toward being ready involved getting a new tripod and testing it out. This weekend I learned: I can’t outrun a 2-second timer on my DSLR. This lead to my learning that I can […]

Harvest Moon(pie)

Our good friends Alan & Mark invited us to celebrate and enjoy the Harvest Moon with them at their mountaintop property near Waynesville this year. They planned quite a full day of Harvest Moon events! For our household, the preparations began the night before when I headed out to buy the ingredients for gingery and […]


  Astronomy Club of Asheville A $25 family membership will allow me to borrow books from their library, including books on photographing the night sky. I’m not yet sure whether I’ll join, but it’s intriguing anyway. We’re attending an event this Friday night put on by the club in Haywood country. I’m looking forward […]


I was playing around with a different lens yesterday morning and got these shots of Dorothy. [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="post_date"] I’m also starting to play with my flash diffuser another other nifty gizmos. There’s less spontaneity possible with more gadgets (or more wait time for the tiny person to react spontaneously to my proddings) but […]

Perseids – seen but not captured

After the MPP picnic (which went so much better this year than it did last for us!) and dinner with friends, followed by our fourth viewing of The Merry Wives of Windsor, Marc and I headed up the Blue Ridge parkway (past Black Mountain) to an overlook where we joined a half-dozen or so other […]


Tips for catching tonight’s meteor shower (which will likely be clouded over for much of the east coast – boo!). Photographing hints: Wide lens, F4.0 (smallest available on lens), ISO 3200 , & 30 seconds – 2 minute exposures Great instructions here, here and here. I may try to con Marc into hitting the Blue […]

Exploring the Antarctic

Google has improved upon their streetview “maps” of the South Pole. You can check those out here. Finding this had the terrible effect of reminding me that I don’t properly recall how many times my father went to the South Pole (Google says 4 and I’ll believe). Googling my father is a strange experience. I […]

Warren Wilson readings

I attended another reading, as well as two lectures during the Warren Wilson July MFA two week intensive program. I may have more to say about it later (right now I’m still pondering, as well as feeling woefully undereducated as regards poetry); what follows are just some photos taken at the Warren Wilson campus over […]