About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Progress – Alien: A Quilt

  I need to get back to this one. It’s coming along nicely though – right?

Quilt: Exploding Batiks

This top is still in the design stages. The plan was to start with a centered 9-square block, and then move out from the middle with variations on that […]

Quilt: Space Robot

After babysitting for a soon-to-be 4-year-old boy we made a visit to the Asheville Cotton Company. He asked for a space robot blanket so I made this one for his birthday today. I hope he loves […]

Quilt: Cake Boxes

This quilt was made from a Layer Cake pack I picked up on sale at FatQuarterShop. I really, really love this shop. I haven’t yet backed and quilted this one; it’s a top only for […]

Final pics: Becka’s quilt

My best one yet. I’m really getting the hang of this free motion quilting thing. Next up? It’s a mystery really; I’m reaching the point where I have fewer “must finish” projects, and more time to finally contemplate my own quilt. Oh, oh! And I have to set up my NEW QUILTING ROOM! But […]

Elspeth’s Quilt

Elspeth’s quilt is finished. The big thing I learned: using Singer brand machine quilting thread on Singer brand bobbins and as the upper thread on. Singer 9960 machine (optimized for quilting) doesn’t work. If I’ve ever used crappier thread in my life I can’t recall it. But its done and took me around 40! hours […]


Eight years ago (next week), my daddy and I went to the UK for a glorious ten day or so vacation. He’d just been diagnosed with the cancer that would take him from us. It was to be a trip of a lifetime – our first together to somewhere distant and mysterious. […]

Moira’s Quilt

By now, Moira’s housewarming quilt should hand arrived ( along with a few other goodies). And so here are photos of it. :) I am really pleased with how this one turned out!

In making this current series of quilts (the […]


I finished a quilt last weekend, and used free motion machine quilting in a spiral pattern over the whole top. The quilt was a gift for a friend’s daughter who entered hospice care recently. Finishing it was an emotional experience (Marc graciously helped me through my meltdown). The quilt is well appreciated by its […]


Dorothy has discovered Barbie (with the help of her bargain hunting mommy). I’ve always through Barbie clothing was too much trouble to be worth sewing – but perhaps I can try a bit anyway. I can remember having elaborate Barbie outfits made for my Barbies by one of our caretakers when I was growing up; […]