About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

A meditation on quilting

I’m working on a quilt that’s 25 years overdue. I believe I first conceived this quilt in the dorms at UF. I’d only ever quilted once before, back in middle school for a project. That project was to learn a new skill and then teach it to our classmates. I didn’t know anyone who quilted, […]

Free motion quilting

[gallery ids="4584,4585,4583"] I learned this weekend that while I am not yet proficient at free motion quilting, I will be. This is both fun, and easy, to start learning. I can’t wait to try some more on other, smaller projects. The quilt pictured here is one I started making for my Godmother, back when I […]

More lemonade

So I went to start quilting this weekend only to find that I do not have the power cord; I’m researching power cords but also using this as an opportunity to see what’s new in quilting/sewing machines since I last purchased a new machine. Lemonade. Now, my preferred brand of modern machines has always been […]

A first quilt – or, getting my (quilting) groove back…

I found this quilt on line at thebestbabycribs.com, complete with tutorial on completing it. I love it and planned to make my own as my first “let’s see if I can still do this” quilting effort. Let us see how I did: […]

A first look…

… here’s a quick look at the fabric I’ll be using for my test quilt. :)


This will be the year of Quilting. I’m super excited to finally get started on a necktie quilt for myself. I’ve finished three so far: my father’s, my sister’s and my brother’s. I didn’t make one for me at the same time because it felt like admitting he might die, or even more superstitiously as […]

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