About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Hello My Name Is….

  So far today*: Jen Janine Jenny sweetie sweetheart honey babe baby Jennifer darlin’ dearie pumpkin * It’s worth noting that none of these were said by my husband, or indeed any of my family or friends.

Tax Season has begun!

And I’m open for business. I haven’t increased my standard rates since last year (so expect to pay about the same this year if you’re returning for a return or two). I have started helping people with book keeping as well, if you are interested visit https://phoenixconsultancy.com.au/services/bookkeeping/. Please do note that filing for this year […]


(And I had to fight for it!) The food has been spotty at this conference. Most of the time by the time I get to the trough, the food is essentially gone. I finally walked up and asked if there’d be more food; the resulting conversation* means I’m now on the Members in Business and […]


I really need to follow the news more. I knew something was hinky about my investments this morning when they were up more than usual; evidently Coca-cola proposed, passed, and then finally issued a stock split; the split occurred yesterday. My favorite quote in the news coverage comes from nearly 30-years ago: Warren Buffett: Could […]


I love a gift box! Especially if it’s from a new office supply company that’s hoping to retain my business (hint: low prices + free delivery are the keys to my heart). This box was hand delivered by our salesperson, complete with a “thank you” for our first order. Inside it contained: A catalog of […]

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