About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Happy birthday !

Marc is now 50. Here are photos of some of the things we’ve done to celebrate this weekend.


I was cleaning out my inbox today and realized I still have the last email my dad sent me. We spoke nearly daily, so I’m surprised to see that his last email to me was nearly 2 months old when he died. I’m not sure why I haven’t just deleted it, or moved it to […]

My baby girl!

http://www.ocala.com/article/20130620/GO/130619700/-1/go?tc=cr Click through for the story of the movie that Moira did the makeup for this past year! We’re so happy for her! Marc attends that premiere this weekend in Florida. (I expect comments on this post talking about how awesome this is. Yes, I mean […]


I’d forgotten until the receipt arrived yesterday that I’d set up a gift, going forward as a monthly donation, to the scholarship fund established in my father’s (go ahead and read his bio if you haven’t already done so before – or honestly even if you have – he was pretty nifty, right?) name […]

The future camera…

…it appears that my camera takes photos of the future.   I think the day may be coming here, at long last, my dreams come true: Marc’s hair may be thinning. Oh, how I’ve dreamed of a balding man in my life. Marc is, of course, perfect in all other ways but this one: he’s […]

Mister White

Moira spent a good portion of last year working on the make-up for an upcoming independent film. Marc even went down to visit her on the set (though photos were not allowed because the monster in this horror film had not yet been revealed). Mister White is coming out of post-production and is ready […]


We’ve begun going to church again. Els and Dorothy join me each Sunday morning for mass at our local Catholic Church. Unlike our time in Gainesville, there aren’t many churches to choose from. We’re blessed that Hendersonville has a Catholic Church at all; two would be asking too much. The church is […]


Once Dorothy began talking, she was really only able to identify “people who love me” as distinct from “people I don’t know”. As a consequence, we were all called Mommy, Marc, Elspeth and me. It was cute. Eventually, as Marc moved into caring for Dorothy every day while Els went to school and worked, […]

Mugging for the camera

These awesome mugs are the key to my successfully bringing leftovers to work for lunch. They have a great lid with a rocker-opening to let the steam out when microwaved. They used to come only in bisque white, but now come in great colors. We found ’em on sale recently for $5.50 (approx) and […]

I know a price when I see one!

Diapers are the bane of our existence. When we find a good price, we jump on it. [gallery columns="2" ids="4372,4373"] In this case, we wanted these diapers. They scanned at 37.99. We looked around for an employee, found one, and asked about it. She said “Well, we’re moving things so these are probably just under […]