About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Christmas cards a-making…

Guess who has been making much progress on the Christmas card front? =-) ~*~ We’re in Tampa again, arrived last night. Dinner was Friday’s with dad, Becka and Keith. I checked out the University Mall (or something like that). It appears to be an older mall, nice but not outstanding. Ate too much rich […]

Happy birthday and Thanksgiving…

Today is my father’s 65th birthday. Happy birthday, daddy! ~*~ We head to Tampa today for the next round of therapy, to begin tomorrow. It being Thanksgiving tomorrow I’m reminded of how truly thankful I am that there’s a treatment we can try for this cancer, and that we’re close to it, and that I […]

Happy 17th birthday, Els!!

I love you – and I’m sorry I’m not there to celebrate with you – but I’ll be thinking of you!

Guess who is 14 today?!

Why it’s Milo, pictured here with the absolutely wonderful desk painted especially for her by the ultra-talented Leigh. :-) Happy birthday, Moira.

Happy 16th Birthday, Beth

For my baby’s 16th birthday, we celebrated with a surprise formal dinner and dance – she knew we were going, the surprise was that folks from all over were coming too! Here she’s smiling big with her Dad between dances at a local ballroom. The ballroom began the evening with about an hour of […]

Happy Birthday, Milo!

Milo prepares to enjoy her afternoon tea at Chelsea’s in the Biltmore Village shopping center. Barbara, the proprietoress, kindly sent a piece of chocolate cake as a birthday gift for Ms. Moira. Here you see Milo rather gingerly trying some green cheese; it tastes just like chicken… er, […]


And here you see the Hassler gals all piled on board a large Coca-Cola bear in the consumer heaven that was the final room on the “World of Coca-Cola” tour. Oh. My. Gosh. What a place – I swear, if anything would ever turn me off Coca-Cola products forever it would be the ten […]