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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Christmas in Delaware

Okay, so I’m a little behind in posting. Here are some pics of our fabulous vacation in Delaware this Christmas. We ate well (oh, so well): turkey/duck dinner, crepes for breakfast, grapefruit (new to me!) and iced rolls, Chris’s famous Chex Mix (which now contains even more goodies than you would imagine). Can’t wait to […]

Happy birthday, Dorothy!

[gallery columns="2" ids="4385,4386"] We celebrated Dorothy’s birthday with a visit to see Hotel Transylvania (starring an animated Adam Sandler among others) in 3D at the Asheville Pizza Company. It was great fun. We were joined by Stephanie, Allison, Ana and Gabriel. And then on her actual birthday we enjoyed a fancy pants chocolate and caramel […]


Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Now it looks as though they’re here to stay

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

It’s time for our traditional credit-card-fraud-for-the-holidays celebration. Not that we celebrate annually, but it seems that every few years we manage to get hit by some […]

Sunday: Big Crafty, Governor’s Western Residence, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, more!

We headed off Sunday morning to take a photograph for our Christmas card. (Yes, we’re sending Christmas cards again at long last this year.) This meant a morning with the tripod at Biltmore Park in front of their Christmas display (which looks like it’s where Santa is usually set up to take requests for […]


I’m getting ready for this amazing road trip I’m embarking on with my baby sister come the end of October. One step toward being ready involved getting a new tripod and testing it out. This weekend I learned: I can’t outrun a 2-second timer on my DSLR. This lead to my learning that I can […]

Marc has published his first book!

Marc’s first Kindle book is now available on Amazon.com! You can download the first few reviews for free as a preview on your Kindle-enabled device (that’s your Kindle, any iProduct, or your PC/Mac). We’d love some volunteers to read and review on Amazon! Did I mention that he dedicated it to me? […]

Sunday: Gramma-mommy-daughter day

We spent Sunday doing girls-day-out things, including checking out Target where we found that CHRISTMAS items are already on display. I’d be more outraged if it weren’t for this outrageously awesome Flamingo-light-up-lawn-display. After all our shopping, including picking up the fixings for Elspeth’s halloween costume, we headed off for dinner. Dorothy was generally adorable […]


John Scalzi posted this after Katrina when people who haven’t struggled wondered why so many of the poor didn’t leave. It was recently featured on CNN’s front page in an article about poverty. The comments are civil and filled with similar memories of what poverty looks, feels and tastes like. I know both of our […]


Awesome new glasses! I want them in every color now!!


Becka! I know we’re probably not actually headed to Mordor, but just in case, here’s a map of the Starbucks locations of Middle Earth!