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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Seven Psychpaths, Sky Bar, Creperie Bouchon, The Midnight Area, and Chestnut

Marc and I do a date day every Saturday. Yesterday’s was particularly awesome (probably because we’re going to miss the next two due to my AWESOME ROAD TRIP with my baby sister). We had breakfast with Dorothy, then once Els was home from volunteering, we headed out to catch Seven Psychopaths (excellent!) We started off […]

Harvest Moon(pie)

Our good friends Alan & Mark invited us to celebrate and enjoy the Harvest Moon with them at their mountaintop property near Waynesville this year. They planned quite a full day of Harvest Moon events! For our household, the preparations began the night before when I headed out to buy the ingredients for gingery and […]


Marc posted a touching memorial for his friend Patrick who died on September 11, 2006. We miss you still, Patrick.

Things we did last weekend (I think)

We spent part of a Saturday recently with friends, looking at houses, eating good food, antiquing. Here are some of those things, with brief commentary: [caption id="attachment_3719" align="aligncenter" width="508"] How cool is this? But for $995, I’d hope it would have BOTH headlights still attached.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3717" align="aligncenter" width="304"] I’ll cover my backyard in […]

Los Cronocrimenes

This post is for Alan. Marc showed me this amusingly pretzel-y time travel flick a year or more ago; last night at the Thursday Horror Show, we watched it again, with our good friends Alan and Mark. Afterwards, Alan mentioned that while it was enjoyable, around 2/3 of the way through the film, things got […]

The pictures I didn’t take…

two friends & their child come for dinner last night a plate piled high with 7-layer cookies (the only dessert I can successfully bake without imperiling anyone) two territorial toddlers trying to share the toys just enough not to be rebuked for failing to share Allison, Stephanie and Gabriel came over last night for […]

The day I forgot* entirely to check my work emails…

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="post_date"] It’s amazing how just a day can turn around on a dime sometimes. Mine really began last night when the car needed a jump outside of Edna’s where I’d just enjoyed a great jazz show with good friends, followed by a jump at the Autozone, sleep, attempting to jump the car […]


Marc and I had our probably monthly at this point dose of alcohol this weekend. I enjoyed a whiskey sour (with REAL cherry, not maraschino!), while Marc tried the very ginger-y Tiki-5-O at the Magnetic Field in the River Arts district in Asheville. We were joined by friend Alan for this particular adventure. We went […]


Yesterday I leveled up; I’m 44 now. I’d made all these plans to celebrate over the weekend so that’s mostly what we did: gardening, gardening, hammering just enough to make for a doctor’s visit Monday morning, and then more gardening (this time entirely Marc, and only enough to stop me from trying to garden […]

Lime Leaf Thai

We met friends for dinner at Lime Leaf Thai in Hendersonville. This is our favorite local Thai place (which would also make it our favorite Thai place in the whole world, which really say more about how often we eat Thai than whether this is world-class Thai, but I digress). When we met Alan and […]