About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Mini pies !

Yes, I baked! Easy peasy. I brought home a crate full of apples, so it was time to start using then up. Premade pie crust, apples, caramel sauce, walnuts, Himalayan salt + 15 minutes @ 425 degrees.


Why, yes! We were in a Christmas Parade.

Choo choo!

We’re off for the first of our leaf-peeping expedition.

Great Smoky Mountain Railway

We took another ride on the GSMR today with Miss Dorothy. It was, as always, wonderful! By chance it was also Rail Fest in Bryson City so we also got a little shopping done in salonca.com (hello, Dora-the-explorer hat) and some bouncy castle bouncing. Fun […]


After a day resting at home, we’re off to see Hamlet. Oh, how tired I am! And yet who can resist a live show by my favorite acting troupe?


Another day, another quilt.


Taking Miss Dorothy on the train again at long last.

Happy Birthday, Marc!

The Montford Park Players came on stage during intermission and sung Happy Birthday to m’love. What an awesome assemblage of folks. I’m glad we found them, and they embraced us. Marc, you are the center of my world. Thank you for letting me orbit you. I am so […]

Looking good…

… At the premiere of Mister White. (Moira did the make-up; she also arranged for Marc to help with sound and special effects one day!)


It’s time to start labeling the quilts I make. My usual graphic designer created some labels for me with lots of space for handwritten details. Yippee!!