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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – Going Home

We left the Athens airport at 1 pm or so local time. We arrived in NYC – JFK airport – around 4 in the afternoon. Our flight to Orlando was due to leave at 7, but in fact due to first weather, then the crew being over hours and having to leave, we didn’t […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – At Sea

Today was our last sea day. We spent it packing, playing Bingo (all told our group of four won more than $600 over the course of the trip), and enjoying our last show of the trip. Here you can see the folks who sat with us at dinner every night: Chuck and Freda at […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – Istanbul

We started our private tour of Istanbul – all four of us in a minivan, with a driver and guide – at the Hippodrome of Constantinople looking at the obelisks brought there by sea (including one whose bottom half was sunk during the crossing, leaving us with half-an-obelisk now). Next we moved to the […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – Canakkale

So why do you suppose ships dock in the very industrial port town of Canakkale (pronounced “cha-NAH-ka-lee”)? Troy. As if the picture of the wooden horse didn’t give it away! We spent the day – all four of us – in Troy. The archaeological site covers quite a bit of time as different “versions” […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – Santorini

When we cruise again, I want to cruise the Greek Isles. The day we spent in Santorini was the absolute definition of charming, relaxing and breath-taking. Thanks to Becci at https://www.hostelbay.com/ for getting us the last minute tickets at half-price! Dad, Marc and I all went on a tour that included a winery (with […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – Malta

Today was Malta. We’d never even considered going to Malta, but we’d go back in a heart beat! The buildings are all locally quarried stone – even the gas stations are bleached yellow and white stones. It was beyond stunningly beautiful. Mom and dad wandered the city – Valletta – while Marc and I […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – At Sea – Stromboli

This is Stromboli – a volcanic island near the coast of Italy. We sailed around it on our first “at sea” day. And we were lucky enough to see it go “puff” while we sailed on by. Neat, huh? Otherwise our at sea days consisted of good food, bingo, and napping. /yawn I get […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – Sorrento

Today we split up: Mom stayed on the boat, Dad went to see the Blue Grotto on Capri, and Marc and I went to Pompei. Let me start by saying: Pompei is HUGE. Its so much bigger than I’d imagined. I mean, its the size of a small town (go figure). We wandered up […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we toured it mightily in just one. Our frantic day began with a bus ride for Poppa, Marc and me: we passed all manner of disturbing things on our way into Rome, including a much graffitied section of Hadrian’s Wall. (Oh, my!) Our first official stop in […]

2007 Mediterranean Cruise – Portofino

Sailing into Portofino is just amazing. The ship anchored and used tenders to bring us to the pier. The waters are the bluest blues, and the buildings are washed out vibrant earth tones – hard to describe, so just click and look at the larger photo yourself. Today we had no particular plans aside […]