About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Memorial Day

I’m a bit behind in posting because my iPad and iPhone posting app won’t let me post with photos – it’s driving me nuts, and I haven’t yet had the time to figure out why they’ve abruptly quick working. Over Memorial Day weekend, Marc, Dorothy and I traveled down to spend the weekend with the […]

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Buy Lithium Carbonate Without Prescription, We went down to Florida to visit mom, Moira, Brian, Becka, Keith, Karen, Taylor, Elspeth and Dorothy.   /whew

The youngest is barely a few months old - so we brought him a Brazilian oak crib with a custom finish (which we found when we were looking for a guide to baby cribs for fussy babies.) Below are the photos that have been hiding on the  camera since then (all from our side trip down to Merritt Island to see Elspeth & Dorothy!)

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White hair!

I managed to get away from tax season long enough to visit my folks, and my Gramma Marian, in Florida. Dad’s most recent cancer treatment turned his hair white!

We’re home!

Milo and I made it back from Florida a-okay yesterday (though we were popping sunflower seeds and saying, “I’m awake” an awful lot by the end of the looooooong day). We headed straight to bed (unusual for us) though it did mean I was up by 5 am.

And they’re safely home…

…at long last. I picked Milo and my folks up at the airport last night, yay! There were two missing bags (found before we even left the airport) and lots and lots of commentary on the trip, plus a hug like I’ve never had before from my daughter. She’ll be coming home with me today […]

Home again, safely…

…and just waiting for test results on dad’s latest scan now. It’ll be a week or so before we hear as the doctor he’d rather have read them is outta town. Els’ being in chef school finally paid off – for Marc. She brought home some PIE – one of his all time favourite foods! […]

Today the kids head to…

… Busch Gardens with my mom. Dad and I are staying in Gainesville to finish up the travel details (and maybe go boating on the Suwanee with my brother, as well as working on cleaning out Gramma’s condo a bit more – miss her muchly). Yesterday saw Milo and Poppa and me at the local […]

Bonding through building…

…in Florida today. Dad and I will bond through building a 48″ wide cabinet for storage for mom out in the workshop (well, it was a workshop when I was a kid, now it’s where the microwave lives…). She’s desperate to get some of the non-daily-use appliances out of the kitchen and stored somewhere easily […]

What I’m getting for St. Valentine’s Day…

… is a day with my husband! Apparently I’m the only one who thought I was leaving for NC today. Marc’s plan all along has been for us to spend a day together. Here’s how it will go: We’ll begin with breakfast at Uppercrust Bakery – they serve such wonderful fare. I particularly love their […]

A quick necklace…

After seeing Renee’s necklace (about the third picture down I think), I decided to make one myself. This one’s for my mom, whose birthday is the day after St. Valentine’s Day. Seemed fitting to me. ~*~ Oh, my husband is just wonderful… I ended an email to him last night with apologies for babbling […]