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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Day 56: Weekly claim

Sunday afternoon is when I make my weekly claim for unemployment benefits.  It seems easy enough - you just log in to the North Carolina Employment Security Commission (the name feels a bit like Orwellian, like Newspeak in 1984), tell the system you haven't found work, but have looked, and move on.  You keep records as well of where you've applied (at least two places on two separate days each week) though it is less clear how these records are used (audits? mailed in weekly?) so I'll need to call today to be sure.  The FAQ on direct deposit of benefits also doesn't make it clear when to expect a deposit.  Last week was the first week where I was eligible (on the face of it) for benefits.  My hope it that the deposits will begin within two weeks.  A phone call today should, I hope, answer both the record keeping and deposit questions. Moira and I hit the gym again - treadmill (40 minutes) and weights (7 machines).  I have an appointment on Friday evening with another trainer at the gym to talk about how to best divide up the time I spend on the weight machines - there are 11 machines in the circuit, and I don't keep track terribly well of which I do each day.  The result is that I've done some machines far more often than others.  I'd like to try and even that out.  She said, "And I can show you an exercise that will cut out four machines from the circuit," which I don't really want to do.  For me the machines seem to be a way of being (a) accountable and (b) a way of ensuring you keep your form up - so moving from machines to DIY weights seems like a bad idea to me. On the job search front I got in another application (this one for billing clerk) today.  So many of the positions require so much more experience than I have in medical billing (hint:  I have none) ... I'm looking forward to taking a medical billing class this summer at Blue Ridge Community College if I haven't as yet found a position.

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