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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Day 67: A job (for Arlette!)

Today Arlette, my lay-off-buddy, got a job!  And it's a better job than the one she lost - which is super cool!  (I'm only a tiny bit jealous but mostly sooo excited that she's be offered a position by people who recognize her value - woot!).  And thanks to her actually bringing me up after the offer... I actually have an interview with the same firm tomorrow morning.  Wow, right? We celebrated with dinner at Papas and Beer here in Hendersonville, after spending the afternoon listening to Arlette bubble about her position, and talking about where I am right now while I work out what the next possibilities look like (pending results on the interview I've already had, an interview tomorrow morning, two positions open to apply for at the governmental entity where another friend works coming up in mid-April, lots more job searching on websites). And now I'm stuffed, surfing the web, watching liberal television, and looking forward to ice cream (even though I'm stuffed) and bed.

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