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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.


Yesterday I leveled up; I'm 44 now.  I'd made all these plans to celebrate over the weekend so that's mostly what we did: gardening, gardening, hammering just enough to make for a doctor's visit Monday morning, and then more gardening (this time entirely Marc, and only enough to stop me from trying to garden with my one remaining good arm). Our yard looks the best it's ever looked now.  All that's missing are (1) the new fire pit which should be ready to pick up this week and (2) the new (yay for Goodwill) floating rim pool* that Els spotted just in time to make a fun birthday gift.  And speaking of fun birthday gifts, go check out this birthday post my sister made for me ** (it makes me look way cooler than I am, which is just the sort of flattering gift every 44 year old gramma needs!)  For the record:  I sound just like a salty sailor when I curse, don't believe anyone who says differently.  ;) We grilled again last night (sausages and s'mores) and were surprised at the end of dinner when Stephanie, Allison, Ana and Gabriel all showed up! What a welcome surprise!  A bit of conversation, some super cute curly plate skewers (I'm thinking bacon woven with shrimp, fruit and marshmallows, anything else woven with bacon, or as Stephanie noted pretty much anything but vegetables!), and ice cream cake**, they were off again and we settled in for some television and then bed time. All in all, a great birthday! *The pool will require leveling a portion of the upper yard so won't really happen until my arm is better or until I strong arm someone else into doing the leveling for me - muahahaha! **Bring tissue.  It made me cry.  I miss my sister.  I get to see her this coming weekend before she moves to Austin!  Yay! ***That reminds me: birthday ice cream cake for breakfast!  Yay!

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