About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.


fresh honey with honeycomb, spices and fruits Once Dorothy began talking, she was really only able to identify "people who love me" as distinct from "people I don't know".  As a consequence, we were all called Mommy, Marc, Elspeth and me.  It was cute. Eventually, as Marc moved into caring for Dorothy every day while Els went to school and worked, he became Mom-mom, while Els and I remained Mommy. Over time, she moved on to recognized Marc as someone separate with his own complete distinct name: Papa.  Since my father was always Poppa to our girls, it was a beautiful reminder of my dad who barely got to start knowing Ms. Dorothy before he died.  Still, Els and I remained Mommy, or sometimes Mama.  The one name suited both of us, in Dorothy's eyes. About a month ago that changed.  Suddenly it was Papa, Mommy, and You.  Yep, I lost my name entirely, relegated to the heap of others in her life who didn't merit a name all their own.* And then Marc came to the rescue.  He calls me Honey, and so he started referring to me as "his Honey" when speaking with Dorothy.  Less than a week later it seems to have taken. Now we're Papa, Mommy and Honey. I love it! * Yes, this is the most dramatic way possible to think of Dorothy's failure to come up with a name for me when she finally recongized that I should have a name distinct from her mother's.  She meant nothing at all by this change from Mommy to You, but it still stung.  Thank goodness I have an amazing husband who knew how to fix the problem.

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