About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

I know a price when I see one!

Diapers are the bane of our existence.  When we find a good price, we jump on it. [gallery columns="2" ids="4372,4373"] In this case, we wanted these diapers.  They scanned at 37.99.  We looked around for an employee, found one, and asked about it.  She said "Well, we're moving things so these are probably just under the wrong sign".  When we pointed out that the bar code on the shelf also indicated the same price she got snippy with us.  So I took photos and said it was okay we'd get it fixed at the register.  She wished us "good luck with that" and off we went. We of course paid the proper $34.99 for these. Sheesh.  I'm used to poopy diapers but the experience of buying them shouldn't also be poopy.

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