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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Scarf with Ruffled Ends

20030520ruffledscarf Yarn: 1 Skein Dazzle, or Mosaic FX, or Binario, or other railroad yarn (~80 yards) Needle: US 8 needles Stitch pattern: St st (knit RS, purl WS) Cast on 60 sts. Row 1: K Row 1: P Row 3: *(K2tog). Rep from *. 30 sts rem. Row 4: P Row 5: *(K2tog). Rep from *. 15 sts rem. Row 6: P Continue in St St (Row 1: K; Row 2: P) until scarf measures 30” End with a WS row. Row 1: *(K1 in front and back of st). Rep from *. 30 sts on needle. Row 2: P Row 3: *(K1 in front and back of st). Rep from *. 60 sts on needle. Row 4: P Bind off and enjoy! © Jenanne Hassler. This pattern may be freely distributed as long as the pattern and this copyright notice remain intact and no profit is made from its distribution or use.