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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Mister White

MisterWhite Moira spent a good portion of last year working on the make-up for an upcoming independent film.  Marc even went down to visit her on the set (though photos were not allowed because the monster in this horror film had not yet been revealed). Mister White is coming out of post-production and is ready for submission to film festivals around the USA.  Erica Summers (writer/director) has put up a KickStarter* to raise funds for submitting this film to a variety of festivals:
  • Freakshow film festival
  • New Orleans Horror film festival
  • Coney Island film festival
  • Viscera film festival
  • Dark Carnival film festival
  • Telluride film festival
  • Yellow Fever film festival
  • Atlanta horror film festival
  • Fright Night film festival
  • Cairo Film Festival
  • Daytona Film Festival
  • Ligniappe Film Festival
  • Shriekfest film festival
  • Idyllwild Film Festival
  • SF Indie Fest
  • And many more!
On the KickStarter page for this project, you'll find all sorts of prizes* you get for contributing between $5 and $2,000 to this effort.  Help support Moira (who will be assistant director on Erica's next project!) and the first feature length film she's worked on, Mister White, by contributing to this fundraiser. Thank you for taking a look. * KickStarter is an awesome crowdsourced funding website for entrepreneurs to raise money for projects that are close to their hearts.  How it works is that you pledge an amount, to be paid through AmazonPayments (yes, the payment runs through Amazon.com).  When the fundraiser deadline passes, if the funds have been fully raised your credit card is charged the amount you pledged. Erica's fundraiser ends on 1 March, so if it's fully funded by then (so far they've raised $200/$2000), your credit card would be charged the amount you pledge. ** My favorite prize?

Pledge $300 or more

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER TIER: You will receive a special thanks mention in the website and film PLUS a signed 8 x 10 mini poster PLUS a 24x36 movie poster PLUS you will be listed as an Associate Producer in the film's credits AND on IMDB.com!

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