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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Moira’s Quilt

By now, Moira's housewarming quilt should hand arrived ( along with a few other goodies). And so here are photos of it. :) I am really pleased with how this one turned out!




In making this current series of quilts (the Housewarming series), I've specifically chosen 5" blocks for each person, but also allowed for some blocks to overlap from quilt to quilt (so Moira, Elspeth and Becka can each expect some duplication in the 5" blocks).  On the back of each quilt are non-matching blocks from the other quilts I'm making.  Moira and Elspeth's quilts both use fabric from a galaxy collection (the black/white star fabric, and the grey moon backing fabric).  Becka's quilt will use some awesome fabric on the back that I lucked into just for her, and most likely white sashing (spacer fabric) on the front instead of the star print.  I'm nearly done with the front of Elspeth's quilt (just one more row of 5" squares to go!) and have already completed her back.  I anticipate quilting them all in the with the same pattern seen here in the third photo.  I'm very much enjoying the process of improving my machine quilting, while making usable quilts for the people I love.

I plan a different pattern quilt for Ms. Dorothy to take with her to her new home; hers will be an "I, Spy" quilt using blocks that looks like small polaroid pictures.  Each block will have a different thing as the "picture", allowing her to spend time looking for the dog, or the Tardis, for example.  I'll sash it with a solid color so the polaroid pictures really stand out.

Next up: finishing Elspeth's quilt, so I can move on to Becka's!

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