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I finished a quilt last weekend, and used free motion machine quilting in a spiral pattern over the whole top. The quilt was a gift for a friend’s daughter who entered hospice care recently. Finishing it was an emotional experience (Marc graciously helped me through my meltdown). The quilt is well appreciated by its new […]

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A meditation on quilting

I’m working on a quilt that’s 25 years overdue.  I believe I first conceived this quilt in the dorms at UF.  I’d only ever quilted once before, back in middle school for a project.  That project was to learn a new skill and then teach it to our classmates.  I didn’t know anyone who quilted, […]

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Free motion quilting

I learned this weekend that while I am not yet proficient at free motion quilting, I will be.  This is both fun, and easy, to start learning.  I can’t wait to try some more on other, smaller projects.  The quilt pictured here is one I started making for my Godmother, back when I had a […]

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A first look…

… here’s a quick look at the fabric I’ll be using for my test quilt.  :)

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This will be the year of Quilting.  I’m super excited to finally get started on a necktie quilt for myself.  I’ve finished three so far:  my father’s, my sister’s and my brother’s. I didn’t make one for me at the same time because it felt like admitting he might die, or even more superstitiously as […]

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Whole worlds in teacups…

…and hauntingly beautiful dolls.  Check out this video about Mimi Kirchner, dollmaker extraordinaire! (See the original video on Etsy’s The Storque blog!)

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Iraqi Bundles of Love

I read about this super neat plan to leave something of value behind when we pull out of Iraq (via The Patchery Menagerie) : Iraqi Bundles of Love! I’ve been planning to de-stash for some time, and this is just the thing I need to motivate me even more.  I plan to send out one […]

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Sunburst Dress

I have this super charcoal grey knit dress that I just love.  Last weekend I dug through my fabrics looking for the right knit to make another for myself (it’s a simple, three piece dress – one front, two back pieces) but failed to find enough of any single knit to make it work.  Yesterday, […]

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Scarf with Ruffled Ends

Yarn: 1 Skein Dazzle, or Mosaic FX, or Binario, or other railroad yarn (~80 yards) Needle: US 8 needles Stitch pattern: St st (knit RS, purl WS) Cast on 60 sts. Row 1: K Row 1: P Row 3: *(K2tog). Rep from *. 30 sts rem. Row 4: P Row 5: *(K2tog). Rep from *. […]

Video Game Hat(s)

Pattern: My own pattern (based on the Not-Your-Grandma’s hat) Knitted For: Marc Why?: To keep his video-game lovin’ head toasty warm!