It seems to have snowed here.  Actually, when I took this photo it had been snowing for a few hours.  Now it’s been snowing all day into the night.  I have to assume it’ll be far more impressive when I look in the morning. We had Allison and Gabriel over yesterday – they helped us […]

Day 29: Inspection

I wanted to go for some inTROspection but the car’s needs came first.  Again.  ;-P This morning after dropping Ms. Milo off at the bus stop in Asheville, I headed back to Hendersonville to have the car inspected prior to the expiration of the current inspection at month’s end.  After 25 minutes, the friendly JiffyLube […]

This interesting vehicle was in the parking lot of the Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville some time last week.  I couldn’t resist stopping and taking a photo – after all, however do you see a giant wooden eagle atop a car?!

What a day!

Today marks our 14th anniversary. Marc drove me in to work where, upon opening the car door, it (the car door) came off its hinges. This meant a trip back to Waynesville for a fix. On the way back, while no where near any other vehicle, a rock suddenly dropped from the sky – I […]