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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

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I want to be first in line if this lamp Buy Betnovate Without Prescription, ever goes into production.  Oh, how cool this would look on my night stand.  Or my office desk.

Tonight will mark a return to the gym.  I've been working on where/how to insert the gym propertly into my new schedule.  My thought as of now are:  always on Tues/Thurs evenings, Betnovate duration, Doses Betnovate work, even if I'm tired, I'll go for 30 minutes of cardio, Betnovate from mexico, Betnovate brand name, 15 minutes of weights, a shower, buy generic Betnovate, No prescription Betnovate online, and return home.  I hope to also work in a weekend day (Moira/Trevor's choice) so that we hit 3 days of exercise a week.  After we've made this a habit, I'll look at adding more, is Betnovate safe. Betnovate from canadian pharmacy. Purchase Betnovate online no prescription. Buy Betnovate without a prescription. Betnovate natural. What is Betnovate. Betnovate australia, uk, us, usa. Betnovate dose. Betnovate cost. Canada, mexico, india. My Betnovate experience. Cheap Betnovate no rx. Betnovate dosage. Where can i cheapest Betnovate online. Betnovate for sale. Betnovate coupon. Betnovate canada, mexico, india. Order Betnovate online overnight delivery no prescription. Fast shipping Betnovate. Betnovate from canada. Betnovate description. Betnovate forum. Rx free Betnovate. Buying Betnovate online over the counter. Betnovate street price. Betnovate recreational. Buy cheap Betnovate no rx. Betnovate overnight. Buy Betnovate online no prescription. About Betnovate. Betnovate no rx. Betnovate used for. Betnovate schedule. Betnovate class.

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Today Moira and I hit the gym, again. We did a solid 40 minutes on the treadmill, which seemed very tiring. It had been a couple days. This was followed up by doing our usual set of weights – today was upper body. I’m not entirely clear on why, but I managed to become shaky […]

What now?

So now that I have a job again (oh, yay! yay! YAY!) it’s time to think about what comes next – or at least in this tiny break between “unemployment” and “employment”. It’s already clear that Moira intends to keep me hopping with make-up jobs (she’s got something going on every weekend for a month […]

Day 69: Job hunting, lock in & Moira made dinner!

Today the kids each applied in person for 7 positions in and around Hendersonville. Moira has hopes for the shoe store she hit (someone is leaving just after Easter) and both kids interviewed at our favorite local hot dog joint, where the owner promised to call the next time he has hours available! Moira made […]

Day 68: Lunch with friends, and a secret

Today I joined Arlette, Rufus, Jessica, Allison, Moira and Pam (who is temping at my former work this tax season) for lunch at Subway. We chatted, laughed, and ate. Arlette, Moira and I followed it up with shoe shopping – I’ll post photos tomorrow if I find time in the whirlwind of activity planned this […]

Day 64: Job opportunities

I got two calls today about jobs: Arlette phoned to let me know about a position on CareerBuilder.com that it appears I somehow missed right here in Hendersonville. Two positions open in a local financial firm. I sent in my resume immediately, of course. The non-profit I’ve been so excited about called […]

Day 63: Of exercise, eats and examinations

Exercise: Today Moira and I hit the gym for our usual daily round of cardio and weights. The gym we go to – the YMCA – has some issues with equipment that seem to be related to a cash flow problem. When we started there were two treadmills out of order. Now there are five […]

Day 61: Lunch, and BIG news!

Today I enjoyed lunch with friends at 12 Bones in Asheville. While at lunch, I got to share our super exciting Florida news: we’re going to be GRANDPARENTS! This news really overshadowed the rest of the day. Other things of note: applied for one position was tortured by a personal trainer at the Y made […]

Day 59: A slow day

I’ve begun to take on more tasks at home. Where previously my “job” for our family was supporting us through work, now I’ll be making dinner and helping out more. Tonight, for game night, I made chicken and potatoes, with seasoning. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Today was also a “day off” from the gym. […]

Day 56: Weekly claim

Sunday afternoon is when I make my weekly claim for unemployment benefits. It seems easy enough – you just log in to the North Carolina Employment Security Commission (the name feels a bit like Orwellian, like Newspeak in 1984), tell the system you haven’t found work, but have looked, and move on. You keep records […]