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Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

Day 57: Gardening

I finally put the starts that Ren and Bleu left us in the garden this morning. (I have a great theoretical fondness for the “Kill Your Lawn” idea – but only if I can also have a vegetable garden.) Our 4′ x 8′ raised bed (similar to what this website sells – but much, […]

Day 44: Easing into uncompensated unemployment

Today Moira had her first Model Mayhem induced photo shoot with a model and photographer she connected with through that site. The shoot was held at the Botanical Gardens in Asheville (right near UNCA’s campus where both Moira and the model attend school). Moira said it went quite well – the model was delighted with […]

Day 41: Moving

Today I worked on moving: on and about. Moving On: I’ve begun to look seriously at what I’ll do next. Now, of course I have already looked at that in the sense that I intend to continue trying to be an accountant. All the time I spent returning to get my degree in accounting will […]

Day 40: Notables

Of note today: We watched the Watchmen. And it was excellent. (Click for full size comic!) I hit the gym again – so that’s a start: two days running. Well, not literally running as such. I did 30 minutes on the bicycle, and 5 minutes on the elliptical (a different elliptical today – one that […]

Day 21: Birthday and Sniffles

Mom’s birthday was today. She’s still in the hospital (getting her blood thin enough to allow her to leave) but has hopes she’ll be going home tomorrow. She sounds great, but tired, on the phone. She does remember all her time in Crazytown, but as memories of things that really happened, not as delusions. Moira […]

Day 16: Driving, but not crazy

Mom came back from Crazytown this morning. It was nice to get a chance to say hello, and good-bye, to a much saner seeming mother. I spent the morning, before we hopped in the car to head back to North Carolina, helping dad wrangle the bills. I’ve set him up with Microsoft’s Money (my new […]

Day 15: An interview, and trippin’

Mom was awake all day, but it was as if she was doing some significant drugs (she wasn’t) – sort of like what the movies make an LSD trip out to be. “Jenny, come closer. Quietly. Do you see the Siamese Tiger in the corner? It’s pretty but dangerous.” Or having a long discussion (while […]

Day 14: Coherent – yay!

Today mom was awake, and aware, mostly all day. Words came hard to her – she’d start and stop the same sentence time and again … but she was talking again. She has a feeding tube in, and is at least receiving some nutrition again.

Day 13: Stroke – a timeline

Thursday, February 5th : Mom has a stroke, is admitted to hospital around 11.30 am Friday, February 6th : We’re first told not to come down (she’s stable, just sleeping) and then that we should (she’s getting worse quickly now). Saturday, February 7th : Someone at the hospital determines that they should, you know, hydrate […]

Day 12: This time, it’s personal

Today was another – don’t laugh – upsie-downsie day. I met some friends from (former) work for lunch. The first question asked: how is your mom. She’s the same – checked into the hospital now, waiting for the results of being looked over by their podiatrist doctors. My older daughter is in Florida now with […]