About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.

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Day 71: A new beginning

I am happy to report that a mere ten weeks after being laid off (due to the economy – too many employees, not enough work), I have accepted a position! On Thursday of last week, a good friend of mine was interviewed at a firm less than 2 miles from our home in Hendersonville. […]

Day 69: Job hunting, lock in & Moira made dinner!

Today the kids each applied in person for 7 positions in and around Hendersonville. Moira has hopes for the shoe store she hit (someone is leaving just after Easter) and both kids interviewed at our favorite local hot dog joint, where the owner promised to call the next time he has hours available! Moira made […]

Day 67: A job (for Arlette!)

Today Arlette, my lay-off-buddy, got a job! And it’s a better job than the one she lost – which is super cool! (I’m only a tiny bit jealous but mostly sooo excited that she’s be offered a position by people who recognize her value – woot!). And thanks to her actually bringing me up after […]

Day 66: Dinner with friends

First things first: no call back today on that position I’m salivating over. Friday, maybe Monday. Arlette and Rufus both came for dinner and games tonight. We played Munchkin again – this time with Arlette winning! Actually, while the entire evening was super, and I loved having people over and the household energy when that […]

Day 65: Interviewing, and miscellaney

Today I had my second interview with a non-profit I’d very much like to work with. I think the biggest barrier to my receiving an offer is my over-qualification. The personnel committee asked at least twice questions that basically wondered why I’d take the position and stay. I offered up what reassurance I could (I’m […]

Day 64: Job opportunities

I got two calls today about jobs: Arlette phoned to let me know about a position on CareerBuilder.com that it appears I somehow missed right here in Hendersonville. Two positions open in a local financial firm. I sent in my resume immediately, of course. The non-profit I’ve been so excited about called […]

Day 60: In which there is a dearth of accounting positions

Every day I check a multiplicity of job search websites. From what I can tell, this is how most people look for jobs these days. Here are a few of the places I look each day: Monster.com NC Department of Revenue USA Jobs – positions with the federal government Craigslist – mostly these jobs are […]

Day 56: Weekly claim

Sunday afternoon is when I make my weekly claim for unemployment benefits. It seems easy enough – you just log in to the North Carolina Employment Security Commission (the name feels a bit like Orwellian, like Newspeak in 1984), tell the system you haven’t found work, but have looked, and move on. You keep records […]

Day 55: A whole lot of nothing…

This morning Moira has a photo shoot with Grace, the model she met recently through Model Mayhem’s website. It was in downtown Asheville. I dropped her off, headed home to spend some time job searching and playing Warcraft, then headed back out to pick her up (with Marc in tow). She had a great time […]