About Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandma, artist and accountant living and working in western North Carolina.


I finished a quilt last weekend, and used free motion machine quilting in a spiral pattern over the whole top. The quilt was a gift for a friend’s daughter who entered hospice care recently. Finishing it was an emotional experience (Marc graciously helped me through my meltdown). The quilt is well appreciated by its […]

What now?

So now that I have a job again (oh, yay! yay! YAY!) it’s time to think about what comes next – or at least in this tiny break between “unemployment” and “employment”. It’s already clear that Moira intends to keep me hopping with make-up jobs (she’s got something going on every weekend for a month […]

Day 10: Snow day!

I may or may not update later in the day. UNCA has cancelled classes (day classes at least) due to the inclement weather. Moira will be home today. My plans include: Blanketing Hendersonville with resumes (CPAs primarily) Sending in a resume to several targeted CPA firms in WNC that are known for their tax-exempt […]

Quilting again…

I’ve been quiting again lately. Having discovered Charm Packs, I’ve also discovered that it is fun to create quilts with them. The photos below are the current design planned for my latest quilting fun. And a close up of one of the blocks: Each square is created by making a 5 1/2″ square with 1 […]

Lap Quilt

I’ve officially begun working on holiday gifts – this photo of one possible arrangement is on my camera so I thought I’d share. The quilt is made from pieced 9-patch blocks and solid black blocks on which I embroidered (via my nifty Brother embroidery machine) images from Nintendo. Three guesses who this one will […]

Zelda Quilt

This quilt was inspired by the one seen here. It was made for the very Link-obsessed Jalen in an afternoon. Not bad, right?

Finally photos…

This is my brother Keith’s quilt, all done. Its made from pieces of my father’s ties as well as some kinda marbled red and grey cottons. Machine pieced and quilted. Approximately 60″ square. This is my sister Becka’s quilt, all done. The top was pieced from white and black cotton, as well as a […]